Thursday, October 7, 2010

Episode 03: Objects In Space (Firefly Complete Series plus Serenity)

Join us in our third episode as we discuss Joss Whedon's short-lived FOX series Firefly, starring Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, & Summer Glau. We also throw in the follow up feature Serenity, which concluded the verse on film back in 2005.

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  1. Hi! Your podcast looks very interesting, but I can't see a way to subscribe without iTunes. Is there a feed I can subscribe to in a feed reader other than iTunes?

  2. Thanks for your interest! If you are able to subscribe to the actual blog the site feed is: (rss) or (atom). Also it is really easy if you use Firefox as a web browser. Just go to our homepage and click the bookmarks tab of your browser, then subscribe to the page. Let me know if you need any further help!

  3. When I do that, I don't get links to any files, just the text posts.

    I actually run a podcast too (small world!). In my feed, I have to add an enclosure with a link to the file so that a podcatcher will see, and download, the audio.

  4. The cast of Angel is alright? Haha!

  5. Ah cool, if you send me a link I'll be glad to give it a go! The feed I use for the cast is or mp3.rss if you prefer.

  6. antitheist19: Haha I kid, I kid! Cheap shot ;)

  7. That's perfect! Thanks a lot :)

    My show's called Pulp Audio Weekly, at

    We talk about things that interest geeks, or at least the two geeky hosts. Mostly computers, astronomy, science fiction and video games, with a spattering of politics and a heavy dose of joking around.

  8. Listening to (and enjoying!) this episode. I totally agree with Shindig being one of the better episodes, but there's no way it (or any other episode) can hold a candle to Out Of Gas.

    I also agree about the Operative. He shoulda died. He didn't just murder children, he razed entire planets just to find one person. Actually, I think his willingness to do that made him a little bit too bad of a bad guy - so much as to not be believable - but that's a totally different subject :)

    I'm liking your show so far. Keep it up!